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We are pleased to offer you an 11 Month Liquid CD at 2.24% APY!    As an added bonus, if you need the money you can have it without penalty.*


  • Minimum amount of $1,000 not currently on deposit with The Peoples National Bank of Mt. Pleasant.
  • No penalty* for early withdrawal. (You must redeem the full value of the CD.)
  • This special offer is available for a limited time!

You can check the balance of your CD by logging in to your Online Banking account.

These rates are effective as of January 23, 2019 and subject to change without notice.  Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 2.24% applies to balances of $1,000.00 or more.   Interest is compounded daily. *Minimum required penalty will be assessed if withdrawn within 6 days after date of deposit.  This account will renew automatically.  The principal amount and all earned interest that has not been withdrawn will automatically renew on the Maturity Date for the term listed above.  Interest on renewed CDs will be calculated at the interest rate then in effect for time deposits of the Deposit Amount and term.  CDs have the security of FDIC Insurance up to applicable limits.


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